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I'm Dennelton Mandiau from Sabah, editor of www.tvokm.com. I am a blogger since 2008, I have a great interest about blogging and seeking additional income through the internet. I learned blogging and making website through reading materials from a variety articles on the internet.

Actually this blog site is originally from dennelz.blogspot.com but I had transfer it because I want create contents that focuses on blogging and various information about my place, so that everybody in this world able to recognize the district of Kota Marudu.
In addition, i work hard to find historical material available in my area to make my blog contents accurate and up to date as possible but do not expect perfect grammar on every blog post on this blog because I do not teach English grammar.


This blog is the destination source of news, history, information, tips, health, the blogging industry and bloggers worldwide. It is often cited by the mainstream media and bloggers as a reliable source of facts, figures, and opinions. In optional information, this blog also help as a guides of healthcare, the effective use of herbs or the use of organic remedies, and natural healing.

This blog was established in July 2013 as a premium source of blog and blogging related information for bloggers, TVOKM Blog is the first blog dedicated exclusively to the information of the Kota Marudu city and especially for Sabah, the blogosphere and remains the longest (and largest) standing resource of its kind.

History Of This Blog

The site posted its first proper content in April 2011 on a design inspired as news sites of Berita Harian Kota Marudu. Early posts were dominated by references to external sources, mainly from the mainstream media, as blogging started to emerge as a topic of conversation.

Version two was launched on year later and took on a new three column customs blog layout and started to develop more commentary and included for the first time new contributors.

Version three was launched in July 2013 in what saw a period of “TheValley Of Kota Marudu” website which moved away from Berita Harian Kota Marudu “blog” look to embrace the look of a blogging sites, fresh with separate events features and separate topic headings. Editorial developed during this period and started to become a core feature of the site, as did further historical knowledge and help advice for bloggers.

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May 24, 2017 at 8:46 AM

I am curious as to why you have many of my articles from the New sabah times as part of your blog ?

September 5, 2017 at 8:22 AM

I'm working there as sub-editor and i have viewed all your great stories. Sorry cuz not contact you first before posted it here. Well, are you pleased to see your articles here?

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