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Borneo Wildlife: Gibbon

Posted By Dennelton on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 | 00:18

Gibbons are small, slender apes that spend most of their lives in trees. With long strong hands and
arms, these extremely agile creatures can change directions in the blink of an eye as they swing from branch to branch in the rainforest. When they get to the ground, which is very rare, they walk on two legs.

Gibbons are social animals and display their vocal talents with a chorus of hooting calls early in the morning which is normally started by an adult female. These loud sounds are a warning to other gibbons to stay out of their territory especially when there are a lot of fruits around.

Their diet consists mainly of fruits, leaves, seeds, insects and small birds. When they drink water, they often dip their furry hand into the water and then slurp the water from their fur. They have very dense light-coloured to very dark brown hair on most of their body except their palms, face, armpits, fingers and bottoms of their feet.

Unlike other apes, gibbons do not make nests to sleep in. They sleep upright in a fork between branches either alone or with a few other gibbons. Gibbons mate for life and the female produce a single baby at a time which will stay with the mother for about six years before leaving to start its own family group.
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