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I might not be good-looking but I am humourous

Posted By Dennelton on Friday, July 17, 2015 | 22:17

EVEN the gay man supports that a sense of humour is important in a relationship.

The ability to laugh at oneself, to make light of an otherwise tense situation or to defuse a difficult moment with light-hearted banter is the top on the list of conditions for choosing a life partner in many single women.

That special man must know how to make them laugh.

In this unstable day and age, unhappy happenings are everywhere to cause us distress. And so for the limited better times, we must do more to create laughter.

No woman would want to marry a guy who is boring first of all.

Many men do suffer from an inferiority complex because of their less than handsome looks.

But a man’ outward appearance is not the most important. To many women, especially those who can think, what counts is that a man must have substance.

Of course, he must also be respectful and caring to the ladies. He must have a stable job ... be doing something he enjoys to engage his mind.

That does sound demanding but the point is appearance in a man is not the top priority for women.

The many comedians can be testament to that as they do not lack female fans.

A man too good-looking creates insecurity. He gives the teeny-bopper impression, more to the effeminate than masculine side, appearing to have more looks than substance.

Their looks comes between that of a woman and a man, that he can either look like a woman or a man, depending on which he prefers. If not, he will just stay put in between.

Advice from older, experienced women has been that handsome guys are mostly heartless. They tend to forget their roots.

Just believe that men need not be handsome. Basically, women marry because all they want is a happy-ever-after, not a good-looking face.

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