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When you promote yourself, find a selling point

Posted By Dennelton on Monday, April 13, 2015 | 15:32

We all want to look good, while at the same time we also want to find a partner who is good looking.
YOUNG PEOPLE, both boys and girls who have never been in love, are curious and concerned about the same thing.

The girls would always ask, ‘Are all the boys interested only in pretty faces?’, while the boys’ favourite question is, ‘Are all the girls only like tall and handsome chaps?’

My answer would always be, Certainly. If you walk into a pet shop to find a cat to buy or adopt, would you pick the cutest looking cat or a fierce, malicious looking and smelly one?

The answer is obvious. Naturally, the better looking will have the advantage.

Everybody wants to look good, to be pretty, slim and beautiful, at least according to our own standard. Wanting to look nice, attractive and presentable is in men’s innate character.

We all want to be born pretty, while at the same time we also wish to find a partner who is good looking as well. This is for sure a common occurrence.

Of course, my answer would probably hurt many of those who know they are far from good looking or pretty.

But reality is cruel.

If you can accept and see through the whole picture, you would understand that after you have been knocked on the head by this reality, whether a man or woman, he or she will lower their standard or demand in searching for their own partners.

For example, the man who has tasted so many ‘lemons’ given by pretty girls, would most certainly and gradually divert his attention to the less good looking girls.

He knows as long as he is not fussy or choosey he will be able to find the right girl.

After a few rejections, a man usually smartens up. He finally realizes a girl’s character is more important than her looks or background.

Not only to him that pretty girls pose more problems, they usually are rude and unsympathetic. They expect the whole world to be good to her, to excuse her no matter what misconduct she has put up or they simply behave in ways as if the whole world owes them.

They ought to realize that outwards appearance does not last forever. But true character does.

The same applies to women who have been given a certain amount of ‘lemons’ by men, for the simple reason that they look like plain Janes. Good-looking guys are not to be trusted, they have come to realize.

Look, in the supermarket or department store, we see lots and lots of goods on display.

Some of the goods are on the shelves because of their well-known brands, beautiful packaging or probably better quality.

Some other goods are offered because they are economical and practical to use.

When we are not so well-heeled, we usually do not care much about packaging or outer appearance. Other words, we do not take so much into consideration a person’s appearance.

Upper most in our mind is whether we could manage it, whether it is within our means to take up the responsibility.

As far as goods are concerned, sensibility and practicality is also a kind of selling point and probably important and only one there is too.

We know we can’t afford to be taken for a ride.

So, do not worry. Even if you are not born pretty or are not attractive enough, there will always be a market for you. You only need to look.
When we are not so well-heeled, we are not bothered by the appearance of a person. A girl’s character is more important than her looks or what background she is from.
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