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Love, like the food has already expired

Posted By Dennelton on Monday, April 6, 2015 | 21:51

We might not realize it, but love like food can run out of its time. So, we need to do something about it before it’s too late.
HE ENJOYS buying a lot of stuff, just everyday things such as food, clothing, books and especially necessities. His home is filled with extras.

As a result, what is left most in the house, one notices, is the expired foodstuff. The family simply can’t eat or use the food and things faster than he replenishes them.

Each time we open the refrigerator, new discoveries await us.

This packet of cheese has expired last year. That box of instant noodles ran out of its time two years ago. The sausages too expired six months ago.

Not to mention the sauces and tomato sauce especially. All needed to be thrown away when the bottles are not even opened.

And in order that the street kids do not open them, bottles after bottles of expired tomato sauce were drained before the emptied ones are given for recycling.

In the vegetables compartment, two heads of broccoli from probably last month were found. Another one is an apple which we can’t remember when we bought. It has started to decay, a condition most suitable for making cider vinegar or going straight to the compost.

One past midnight, we got really famish. We seemed to remember there were still some bread, sausages and ice-cream left in the fridge.

Walk towards it and open its door, we discovered all that is eatable have already expired, even the bottle of lemon juice at the side. The bread, needless to say is already mouldy.

Next, we check the pantry, all the instant noodles too, their last day for consumption has come to an end some time ago.

If the expired foodstuff is found in the single woman’s home ...imagine her holding all the food that have expired, it’s a pitiful sight. It makes her think. She too as a person will expire even though she has no idea when it is her turn to.

Foodstuff has indication to tell us the time when it will expire by way of their expiry dates. It says please consume before this date or best before such and such dates.

Women, it’s not possible for them to chop a best before, preferably to show men, please consume before this date. The probable message we can send out is, Don’t wait too long. Nobody is going to wait for you.

Women aren’t food, needless to say. They have two legs. They get anxious about expiry date.

There is a dateline for youth, while too there is a limit for being patience.

So, please love her before her expiry date. Please take good care of her. She can’t wait until the stipulated time which might bring results that are to her advantage or they can be the other way round, to her disadvantage.

She can’t carry on waiting because she might end up waiting for nothing. If that happens, she will have other plans.

Not a single woman can tolerate that she has already expired, that she is a girl of yesterday.

To safeguard the extension of expiry dates or for the sake of keeping themselves fresh and bright, women spend a lot of money and time on their looks.

At the end they come to realize that love after all can expire too. It happens when we least expect it or at a time when we do not have an inkling what it is all about. It just pasted without us knowing.

One fine day we take love out to examine. Only then we realize it has expired six months ago. It has well past its prime. Its golden age has long gone.
Women are sensitive about their expiry dates. She knows she can’t carry on waiting because if she does, she probably will up end waiting for nothing.
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