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Believing in sugar, spice and all things nice

Posted By Dennelton on Friday, April 17, 2015 | 11:32

If the fortune telling we checked with is anything to go by, many of us would not be still around today.
TO BE fully human, we must believe in something ... anything, not necessarily that it should have anything to do with religion or some philosophies.

And not that it should be feng sui (geomancy), astrology or fortune-telling. In fact, not many of us believe in those and we normally do not understand why other people stick to their guns about such things.

Well, perhaps it’s not that we don’t believe. It’s more accurate to say that we only want to believe what we choose to believe. We select to believe what is good for us, naturally.

Whatever good things people say about us, we gladly believe. What are not, we don’t.

The house that we live in ... as long as we are comfortable in it, there is no need to check with the feng sui master. We do not allow ourselves to be distracted by those.

For many among my friends, if the fortune telling the master has read for them is anything to go by, they would not have been still around today. They certainly are still hale and hearty, despite their fortune telling has indicated otherwise.

Good things about us, we will remember for a lifetime. The not so fortunate, the most we could remember them is for a few days.

Some people might have told us to avoid something out of the goodness of their hearts; we would just smile, nod in agreement and feel thankful. It means we understand them but we are not going to do anything to prevent or protect ourselves from what they advise we should.

While we respect other people’s belief, we also have our own belief, always something different from theirs.

I believe in all things that are nice, good and beautiful.

Good things are not necessarily all lies. Lies can sometimes hurt us. I like good things that are real.

When people are nice to me, I will believe. After all, they don’t ask for anything in return.

There is someone who loves me to bits. Of course I am willing to believe that.

Suspicion is unavoidable or inevitable in any love affair ... not that we are suspicious about whether he loves us or not, but we are suspicious how much he really loves us... to what extent is that love, we dearly want to know.

I will always believe that he loves me, that I am the one he loves most in his life. Never mind what the truth is or what the real picture is, the same as I think or not, to be able to believe like this is already lovely.

Even if we happen to go separate ways, I believe I might not be the prettiest or the best, but I ought to be the most interesting and most special one.

If we could believe like that, it’s the same as giving ourselves a boost or encouragement.

We believe we are in for some good luck. This is not what the fortune teller has told us. It’s what we like to believe.

We believe our future is nothing but bright.

We must believe like that, for our life to be motivated, for our life to be an active one, for us to be proactive.

I don’t let my fortune be told. I only believe in life’s good times. It’s more interesting to face life head on, to face what is in store for us, rather than to be told what supposedly are in store for us by the fortune-teller.
Not that we are suspicious about whether he loves us or not. We are suspicious about how much he loves us... to what extent is that love, we desperately want to know.
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