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SM.Advent Goshen Convocation 2013

Posted By Dennelton on Monday, October 28, 2013 | 00:52

sekolah menengah advent goshen graduation 2013     The 25th to the 26th of October 2013 is a historic date for students graduating from form 5 and 6 and above. Throughout the year, they have been through a variety of challenges academically, spirituality, and morally.

     As a lamp that illuminates the journey of their lives to achieve the dream becomes a reality, the aim is just one "One God, One Aim​​, One Destiny". The question here is whether the light will always shine without any extra battery or charger? Of course not. Thus, the motto cannot be separated from the aim, as "God, our guide..." are like chargers - energizing batteries. Likewise in life, mottos are like the inspiration that gives us strength to not be tense even in when facing trials.

    There will be a total of 36 people who are successful and deserving of getting a graduation certificate from form 5 for the Convocation of 2013;
Jennifer Jonnie
    Caroline Juhin with Sir.Richard Kilus
  1. Alwin Voo (PRO)
  2. Anatasia Ciccone Lastin (Robes)
  3. Angee Arcella Sapiu (Potlusk)
  4. Ar. Anrio Ajuk (Chairs)
  5. Belissa Cressy Suajim
  6. Benny P. Mondorusun
  7. Brealealeey Simit
  8. Caroline Juhin
  9. Carrey Akim
  10. Denn Ether Winson (Class Pastor)
  11. Elijah Romie
  12. Shannen Ann Tihondik@Nicomedes
  13. Sherley Bin Levis
  14. Ellev Kineil Aysel Jakin
  15. Elmermax Eric
  16. Emilyana Kadang
  17. Firzki Madus
  18. Jennifer Jonnie (Vice President)
  19. Lenno J.Jeffreson
  20. Levianna Wesly
  21. Maslianah JaibilAngee Arcella Sapiu and Sir.Soliten Dorimen
  22. Meciania Sudakap
  23. Missyl Johnny
  24. Octafiana Jot@George (Treasurer)
  25. Orlandu Mojumpah
  26. Oxford William (Chairs)
  27. Pouziah Mail
  28. Rainold George
  29. Redaya Chew
  30. Sherly Lynn Perxshow
  31. Stefanie Devra Richard
  32. Stella Vera Julod
  33. Thommy Sebastian
  34. Vando Vandreo Jsol
  35. Jans Stephen
  36. Ron Denolly SapidDenn Ether Winson
while for graduates form 6 above (PRE-U), namely a total of 9 people: 
  1. Del Mario Dahyan Timin (Robes)
  2. J Farnico Jutirin
  3. Keven Humphrey (PRO)
  4. Kevin Chin Sul Siong (Decoration)
  5. Maxwilly Gabriel (Cleanlines)
  6. Michelle Milhar (Secretary)
  7. Natasha Musly (Decoration)
  8. Nurul Farhana Binti Mohd.Asdi
  9. Sojy Oscah Janals (President)
Keven HumphreyMichelle MilharMaxwilly Gabriel
Sojy Oscah Janals and Mr.Golden Banda

God Bless. Amen!
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