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Conspiracy of Murder and Michael Jackson's Autopsy Results

Posted By Dennelton on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 | 12:01

"I have seen Islam in my brother, I have read books about Islam and one day I want to feel the calmness and peace of Islam"
According to several e-mails, since Jackson had converted to Islam, his life was very different than before. He often looked uncomfortable in different places. Maybe people are overly worried that the Islam religion will spread among the King of Pop's followers.

Looking at his life and the peace of mind that his brother (Jermaine) had after embracing Islam, MJ had created an uproar at a press conference in 1989.
"I have seen Islam in my brother, I have read books about Islam and one day I want to feel the calmness and peace of Islam"
Since then, disasters came one by one. MJ was accused of allegedly molesting a child, and others. MJ had to live like a refugee in England. So we can see that many are indeed not happy with this singer. The day before MJ's death said was the day before MJ was to deliver songs from the "Islamic" religion in his first reality show.

Here are the results of the autopsy performed on Michael Jackson's body.

The singer was actually staying bone or skin and bones, and there was no food in his stomach but pills.
  • Thighs, hips, and shoulders contained needle punctures which was believed to be narcotic painkillers. The injection was given three times a day and had been going on for many years.
  • There also appeared to be the possibility of 13 cosmetic operations.
  • MJ had a height of 5 feet 10 inches (178.8 cm) and passed away with a "very lean" which is about 53 kg.
  • He reportedly did not have hair anymore. When he died, he was wearing a wig and hair on his scalp are low.
  • The scalp above his left ear was completely bald and had scars. Possibility the wound is due to an accident in 1984 when Michael Jackson's hair was on fire while filming an ad for Pepsi.
  • At the funeral it was also found that he had a broken rib, and it was probably due to his chest crushed from when people were trying to help prevent him from having a heart attack.
  • There are four injections contains in MJ's body. There is a possibility that the injection containing adrenaline was injected directly into the heart. Three injections penetrated the heart wall and caused damage. One other injection missed and even hit his ribs.
  • There was a bruise on Michael Jackson's knee and the two bones broken. The autopsies did not succeed in finding out the cause of the wound.
  • There were wounds from sharp objects on his back which is a sign that he had just fallen.
  • The "King of pop music" also had a face full of plastic surgery.
Michael Jackson Autopsy Result
The post-mortem also found excessive doses of Demerol and Methadone that disabled MJ's body. "Xanax" was also found in very high doses greater than the maximum permitted dose.

Meanwhile, the effect of Fentanyl, Vicodin, Valium, and Ambien doses were found, and Propofol in low doses. The results of the toxicology or poison inspection will determine the direction of the police investigation over the death of Michael Jackson. From where and from whom all of these drugs were supplied to Michael Jackson? Did Michael Jackson really know all of his medications? Hmm, a question mark.

Many people think based on this autopsy, Michael Jackson's death was a homicide. Someone should be responsible for the his death. Although the person was not found, they will receive punishment in the afterlife.
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