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Bya with her Cat Kuning

Posted By Real Goshen on Monday, September 16, 2013 | 13:45

Bya with his Cat KuningBya has a cat. His name is Kuning, and his fur is yellow and white. Kuning is a beautiful and pampered cat. Wherever Bya goes, Kuning follows. Kuning likes to scratch on Bya's room door until everyone at home gets scared by the strange noises.

One day, Bya was carriying Bambangan fruit and drinking water, when Kuning ran in between Bya's feet. This made her fall and break the plate in her hands.

"Odoi Dogo! My Bambangan pickles," Bya said.

"How can I eat my bambangan again, I just cut these," she said.

"Miau, Miau," Kuning said, while looking and feeling very sorry to Bya.

"Not you accidentally break it 'giaa', oi Kuning, but do not repeat it again, 'kio'!"

"Miau, Miau!" Kuning said. After that, Bya went looking for the black cat.

The black cat and his three children were playing in a tree. "If you want to play with them, join them on the tree,” Bya said. Bya put Kuning beside the tree.

"Miau, Miau," Kuning thanked. Kuning made friends with the black cat while climbing the trees.

Every day they play on the tree, and Kuning no longer disturbs Bya in her room.

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