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Student Life Past and Present (GASS Alumni)

Posted By Real Goshen on Sunday, May 6, 2012 | 01:12

      The reality from some Goshen School Alumni about the difference of student life past and present. Student life in the past, once they run out of money or run out of rice they will work to make money by cleaning the garden, help teachers and etc. However, at present, most students more prefer looking Sumandak (girlfriend) than earn money.

      Next, when the students did not have money to pay school fees, they will find their own money without burdening their parents. In addition, they will work at pastor Mandatang Gaban at evening to find money. Beldon Juman said "if i run out of money, he said he will cut the grass". The Graduation situation in the past said was so romantic because they will sit in pairs and using candles and then turn off the lights except on stage.

      Although the cost of education only around RM30 it is already quite complicated because money value at the time was too high till the shoes that had broken being used again because of financial problems. At the Dormitory, they able to cook in the room and when they study in the early morning around 4 o’clock they willing to be bitten by mosquitoes because just for doing revision and study. Most of the students past they are diligent and visionary although they are lack of resources, but the students at this time is getting slacker though the facilities and resources is available and systematically.

     Other that, the students like to make gardens in the palm area and give appropriate name by each area. He said again "it is very exciting to plant vegetables without chemical fertilizers". On the Sabbath, they will walk away like bulk during visiting around Kota Marudu, but at present everything has changed, youth or students more prefer to play video games than do worthwhile activities.

     Highly respected person is Wilson Mogusun. Although he had many times taking the LCE Examinations (SRP) and 3 times for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM). He was very persevere until he succeed enter the University Malaysia Sabah (UMS).
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